Modernity and Tradition

Tradition, authenticity and innovation are what is at stake in a bet that Ristorante Alguer Mia can be considered to have won.

It is Riccardo Bazzano, owner of the restaurant, who for more than ten years of working in the restaurant industry, has – thanks to his youth – managed to carry out a plan, realize a dream, a daring enterprise, with winning results.

A staff made up of young people in love with their job has made it possible for Ristorante Alguer Mia to become a part of the market of high quality, but also to be a part of the vibrant cheerfulness that will be with you every night in that splendid Catalan Sardinian city Alghero – sun-kissed for most of the year – that golden door to tourism.

Always open to new trends and continual research into special ingredients, such as to make your meals one of a kind.